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The short answer to the question is: There are currently no Disney Plus (Disney +) gift cards available in Finland. Online search results look fairly suspicious and we do not recommend trying them out.

Disney Plus gift cards are available in the United States, but you can’t use them in Finland.

Disney Plus as a Gift?

If you want to give away a Disney Plus gift card, you could create a Disney account normally and share its login information with the gift recipient. Charges will go to your card, but the account will be used by someone else.

This is neither the easiest nor the most secure way, but the only way currently to pay for someone else’s Disney streaming service in Finland.

In this situation, it doesn’t make sense to use your own email or especially your own passwords. We recommend that you create a new Google Account just for the gift.

Also be mentally prepared to solve connectivity issues, login issues, payment issues, bad TV series issues, and that’s-not-my-favorite-actor issues.

What Are the Other Options?

Although gift cards are not yet available on Disney+, you can give a Netflix gift card as a gift. The same series or movies are not available on all platforms, so donating an alternative service may not make sense.

Other gift cards for streaming services (such as HBO Nordic, Elisa Entertainment or Viaplay) are also not readily available in Finland currently.

How Much Does Disney Plus Cost per Month?

Disney Plus can be purchased for a month or a year at a time. It costs € 8.99 per month and € 89.90 per year.