Did the batteries in the battery holder of your Yamaha electro-acoustic guitar discharge? You can try cleaning the gunk, but sometimes it may be easier to order a new batttery holder.

I recently replaced the case myself, so I can tell you the steps so you can get back to singing Hallelujah faster.

These are the accessories and tools you need

The Yamaha APX500II guitar battery holder is called Yamaha WS668000. I ordered a new part myself from Ebay. It cost about thirty euros and came in a few weeks.

You will also need:

I’m not an expert on guitar maintenance, so use your own judgement when following these instructions.

Steps: replacing the Yamaha APX500II electro-acoustic battery holder

I used this YouTube video to help me:


  1. Remove the battery holder

2. Unscrew the control panel

3. Slide the new battery case and cable through the hole

Be sure to put the seals back in place so that the parts don’t rattle around.