For partners

All Good Great works together with brands from all over the globe – but especially in the Nordics. We want to be immerse ourselves in spreading good vibes, creating new things and making the world more understandable.

Examples on how we can join forces

Search engine optimized content partnerships

What keywould would you want to rank for on Google? “Best holiday gifts 2025”, “Best Nordic dog sweaters”, “Singing courses in Stockholm”…

Together, we can find out which keyword would be the best (and realistic) target for your business and write an article on All Good Great that matches it.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll rank on top, but you’re one step closer to the coveted top spots if you try.

User experiences and reviews

What do you see when you Google “[your brand] review”? Your own website provides information from your point of view, but most often the search terms “review” is used to find a third party’s point of view.

In partnership with Aalho Media and All Good Great you can influence what people say about you – and above all, talk like a human to a human.

Going global

Reaching new customers in new markets can be a tough – especially with no one on the ground on the other side.

Aalho Media’s Jukka Aalho has experience in e.g. global companies such as Oura Health and Polar Electro. You can reach a global market through All Good Great or target the Finnish market through our Finnish site,


In a nutshell: and


published articles


visitors from 86 countries in 2022


of visitors were from Finland in 2022

19 601

monthly visitors in December 2022


sessions from organic searches in 2022


the target is to increase the number of annual visitors to 2 million by 2023

Why All Good Great?


All Good Great stories are based on positivity, quality and science-backed knowledge.


The content found in search engines will serve your potential customers for months, even years.


Every good story also increases the value of That’s why we take pictures, interview and write articles at a lower cost than if the content were to be posted on the company’s own channels.


As a partner, you have the opportunity to become part of a growing and evolving lifestyle website. Our target for 2023 is to grow 10-fold.

Examples of content collaborations and popular content


What topics does All Good Great do partnerships on?

We focus on facts and positivity. We promote and work with reliable, ethical and sustainable companies who have something to offer to consumers globally.

For example, we do not cooperate with gambling sites, instant loan companies or companies that operate unethically.

Are the brand collaborations disclosed?

We follow industry best practices and norms to disclose all brand collaborations. This means, for example, adding a “In partnership with (company)” note at the beginning of the article, marking affiliate marketing links with * and adding a no-follow tag to links to the company’s website.

How can we work together?

We don’t have to follow a strict procedure. We can make it fit your needs. In its simplest form, the process goes like this:

  • You have a story to tell
  • You contact Aalho Media
  • We agree on the type of collaboration, for example on a post
  • Aalho Media does the interview, the images and writes the article
  • You approve the content
  • The partnership is posted on

How much do the content collaborations cost?

We can tailor our content collaboration to suit your budget and objectives. Contact us and let us know your budget and we will proceed accordingly.

The content is published on and benefits all our readers, so you can often get high-quality content at a lower cost than buying content for your own channels.

Who can I contact?

All Good Great is a part of Aalho Media. You can contact us via the contact page or directly at [email protected]. The editor-in-chief of All Good Great is Jukka Aalho, founder of Aalho Media.