Oulu, the capital of northern Scandinavia, the white pearl of the North, the shitty city… Some of Oulu’s names were born on the streers, others at the long tables of advertising agencies. In this article, we will find out which are the best advertising agencies in Oulu for your specific needs.

I’ve been in the business since the early noughties, when the wildest days of the advertising agency scene were behind us and the digital revolution was very much on the horizon. These reviews are based on my own experience and the advertising agencies’ own branding.

What is the best advertising agency/creative agency/agency/marketing agency in Oulu, Finland?

Looking for the best advertising agency is like looking for the best kitchen utensil. If you’re going to eat soup, a spoon is better than a knife. That’s why we’ve broken down the best agencies by category, as each agency has its own areas of strength.

We are looking for the best agencies in these areas:

The best brand agency in Oulu, Finland

Many of Oulu’s most visible brand campaigns and rebrandings are the work of Luova Työmaa. From Työmaa, we’re used to seeing good creative ideas and even visionary graphic designs in line with the latest trends.

So the golden spoon for the best brand agency goes to Työmaa thanks to its reputation (some would even say brand).

Visit the Luova Työmaa site

The best Swiss Army Knife in Oulu

The one-stop tactic is to find a partner who can do it all. Or at least someone who knows someone who can do it all.

Oulu’s Avidly is mainly composed of the former Pakkahuone team, long-standing Oulu advertising professionals. Avidly’s organisation manages a network of collaborators from many different fields, and Avidly has succeeded in the hardest part: simple collaboration in a glocal way.

Visit Avidly’s site

Best videos from Oulu

Once a year, Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg decides to go big in video. Advertisers and marketers around the world rush to make more videos, because that’s what you do.

Fortunately, Oulu has a lot of good video production partners:

Best marketing coaching in Oulu

Kuulu is in many ways the most modern advertising agency in Oulu. Kuulu receives a gold spoon for its coaching and overall aspirations to promote the role marketing in business.

Visit Kuulu site

Best creative and effective content production in Oulu

This is where I look in the mirror and hand myself the prize. Aalho Media (the company behind this site) is the creative partner for content that generates results.

Aalho Media provides content in Finnish and English for your own channels as well as for example for this allgoodgreat.com website (or hyviaasioita.fi).

Read more about partnerships

Best advertising agency for startups in Oulu

Now that we have started to give out prizes towards the mirror, let’s continue along the same lines. Aalho Media, mainly myself Jukka Aalho, has years of experience with successful startups, including Oura Health’s growth years.

Aalho Media’s specific competences include:

A startup will need more partners, so Aalho Media alone will not yet help you conquer Silicon Valley. However, we can provide you with content in English and show the way to international growth. And what’s more, some good contacts for international expansion.

Best digital advertising services in Oulu

Running PPC campaigns is a bit of a dichotomy in marketing. In a nutshell, good partners get campaigns up and running quickly and leave them to their own devices. More mediocre partners will quickly get campaigns up and running and leave them to their own devices.

This is why this golden spoon is a free-for-all spoon. I can’t pick a single winner, so you can suggest a winning agency or even a freelancer in the comments.

The best technical solutions for marketing

If you only have a spoon in your hand, everything starts to look like a soup. Today’s marketer’s Cannes-blue dreams involve an agency partner with great front-end skills but also an unerring eye for great brand executions.

Once a company gets to the point where the basics are in place, results, growth and success are found through new content and technical solutions.

I believe that in such cases the best solutions would be found through larger agencies such as Avidly, Työmaa or Kuulu, or through individual freelancers.

Kudos also to the other best agencies in Oulu

Oulu has an advertising agency for all purposes – in a positive sense.

My own experiences with all the agencies have been good, even if they are not mentioned by name in this article. Time and time again, I have been impressed by the know-how, the visuals and the inventive ideas.

So take whichever catches your fancy. As long as you take someone.