Small dogs, in particular, require a little extra warmth during the colder months of Finland – namely autumn, winter, and midsummer. This post has a variety of dog knitting patterns for various skill levels, from simple to difficult.

If you’re interested in knitting patterns in English, have a look at:

You can also purchase knitting instructions in Finnish (it’s not that difficult to learn!) from Aalho’s store and have them sent straight to your e-mail address.

Here is a selection of our Nappi’s wardrobe:

How to knit a credit card for a small dog

This sleeveless dog sweater pattern is available on Etsy.

This Icelandic dog sweater pattern is available on Etsy.

Beautiful Christmas knit for a small dog

Popular Dog Knitting Patterns at the Aalho Store

The popularity of Icelandic knitted sweaters has continued for several years and will continue. We’ve also seen a huge demand for the stylish, gray Archipelago Sweater. It’s breathable and warm – and makes any dog look like an experienced seafarer.

How to knit a credit card for a small dog

Why buy a knitting pattern from Aalho?

How to Identify a Good Knitting Pattern for Dogs?

We’ve discovered that a great knitted sweater is, of course, stylish, but most importantly, dog-friendly. You can ensure that the design fits your dog by knitting the garment yourself.

The durability and washability of a good sweater are two additional characteristics. These are based on the yarn’s properties. The yarn used in our instructions is Icelandic, which also stands up well to harness usage.

The shape of the back part of the sweater is also significant: Aalho’s designs emphasize the rounded rear, which doesn’t roll up and stays in place even when playing.

What Kind of Yarn for Knitted Dog Sweaters Should You Use?

An average of about 100 g of yarn goes into a small dog’s knit. Our instructions use e.g. these yarns:

Tips for Sizing the Sweater

Our model, Nappi has a chest size of 36 centimeters and a back length of 30 centimeters.

Modifying the sweater according to the instructions in the leaflet can make the garment smaller or larger, depending on the dog’s body structure.

Beginner’s Knitting Guide: First Time as a Stylist?

Knitting for dogs is an excellent way to get started with a new pastime. At least our Nappi has never complained about the style or colors of their sweaters, and she’s always thrilled about them. To get started you need:

If you’re interested in getting started with some Nordic designs for your dog, check out the Icelandic Sweater knitting instructions:

Buy the knitting pattern on Etsy