Electricity and water don’t go together, but what about a shower and an electric toothbrush? Can an electric toothbrush be used safely in the shower?

According to the manufacturers’ websites an electric toothbrush can be used in the shower, depending on the model and condition of the toothbrush. Not all models are recommended to be used in the shower.


How do I know if my electric toothbrush can be used in the shower?

If you want to make sure whether your electric toothbrush can be used while showering, you can try searching by model or manufacturer name. For example, the Oral-B manufacturer’s website says that all their their models are waterproof and can be used in the shower.

Is an electric toothbrush safe in the shower?

Most electric toothbrushes are waterproof. They are charged by induction, so the entire brush can be covered with plastic and there is no need to leave charger holes.

In addition, the battery of the electric toothbrush has a low voltage, which makes it safer even in the shower. However, you shouldn’t try to charge an electric toothbrush from an outlet and use it while singing about raindrops under the shower.