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The new KIDE Hotel at the foot of the Iso-Syöte skiing resort invites adventurers to stay over for an active vacation. We stopped on our sweltering roadtrip in July 2021 for one night at the KIDE Hotel. Here are our experiences at the apartment hotel that’s focused on sustainability.

Other accommodations in Iso-Syöte
If you want to live in your own cabin, there are several cottages in the Iso-Syöte area, which can be booked through Lomarengas. See available cottages. *

Hotel KIDE: Pros and Cons

At the time of our trip, Finland was undergoing a heatwave. The night before our stay we had slept in nature, so the thought of a cool hotel night sounded great.

This is what we liked:

We didn’t like this:

The KIDE Hotel deserves special thanks for its very comprehensive website, which provided both the necessary information and tourist tips for the surrounding area.

Experiences from the KIDE Hotel in Iso-Syöte

We traveled to Iso-Syöte in the summer heat. Iso-Syöte is familiar to most people as a ski resort and the KIDE hotel seemed designed for the active winter travelers. The hotel is at the foot of the slopes of Iso-Syötte, behind the car parks.

Modern Check-In

There was no need for the traditional reception dance: watching receptionist tap something behind his screen and then hand out the key cards. It was all electronic, done with the booking code received in the reservation email.

Check-in was at 3 pm and check-out at 10 am, which is a bit earlier than most places. Additional hours for check-out could be purchased one hour at a time.

Room, Features and Beds

The KIDE Hotel is an apartment hotel, which combines the best of hotel and Airbnb experiences. The room had the necessary cooking utensils, dishwasher, stove and microwave, so a skier or mover can refuel whenever appropriate.

The beds were high and quite comfortable. There was storage space under the beds for larger items. There was no air conditioning in the room and during the day the sun had beamed through the large windows and made the room quite hot. This made sleeping uncomfortable, but in the winter, fortunately, this problem is not a problem.

KIDE Hotel Breakfast

Breakfast was served at the other end of the hotel. It was a traditional Finnish hotel breakfast, which also included local specialties. There was croissant and nutella, porridge, yogurt, bread and much more to eat. Breakfast could be eaten either indoors or on the covered terrace.

Special Points of Interest at the Iso-Syöte KIDE Hotel

The KIDE Hotel was clearly designed especially for the active winter traveler. The room is well suited for skiers, for example: clothes can be dried in the bathroom dryer, your own food prepared in the room’s kitchen and the slopes are very close. You can check in quickly, so you can focus on the what’s most important.

When visiting in the summer, the room was uncomfortably hot. The interior and harsh lighting are also better suited for the snowy time of year rather than for bright summer nights.

Summary: A Winter Hotel in Iso-Syöte Designed for Active Travelers

The KIDE Hotel may be the right choice for the winter traveler: close to the slopes and well-equipped for winter activities. Special thumbs up about ecology and wood construction!

As a summer traveler, I might try another hotel or even a cottage – especially if your trip is during the worst of the summer heat.