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The logo is the most fundamental piece of visual identity for a company. It’s printed on products, brochures, websites, business cards… everywhere your company puts its best face forward. But where to get the logos?

In this article, we present the companies, tools and pricing guidelines for logo design and brand identity building in Finland. First, let’s look at the definitions of the words related to logos. Companies, projects, social media channels and even grandma’s knitting patterns can have logos.

Logo type: company name in written text

Logomark: graphic element, icon or symbol of a company, such as the Pepsi ball, Nike woosh or Audi circles.

Logo: the previous two combined, i.e. icon and text together. It can also be just text with no pictorial mark.

Affordable logo for a new company

When a new company is commissioning a logo and starting from scratch, they’ll often need more than just the logo.

Usually they’ll need:

In this case, we are already talking about designing the visual identity of the brand. If you’re looking for an inexpensive logo – just a logo – then this is where your wallet starts to feel some shortness of breath.

On the other hand, there is not much of a budget at the beginning. So if the choice is between not having a business at all and having one, then you should go with your budget and order the logo from where you can get it.

Cheap logo design services online

The internet is full of cheap or free logo design apps and services. You can find them by searching Google for ‘logo maker’ or ‘logo generator ai’. Examples include BrandCrowd or Brandmark.

Cheap online design services such as Fiverr can also be very useful ways to get your own unique logo. You can also use crowd-sourcing, for example, with 99designs, where several designers make logo suggestions for you to choose from.

The good things about these services are:

The bad thing about these are:

Logos with artificial intelligence?

AI is already doing a lot of creative marketing content. At its best, AI can create really good and unique starting points for logomarks, for example. The cover image of the article is an example of a logomark produced by Midjourney.

The biggest challenge in AI and logo design today is that logos are usually very deliberate, precise and geometric. The images produced by AI are sketches and fairly asymmetrical – at least as of now.

One approach would be to use AI to create the ideas, which you then convert to vectors in Adobe Illustrator. This, on the other hand, requires design skills, time and a visual eye, so it does not necessarily solve the original problem.

In most cases, the easiest way is to hire a real professional.

How much does it cost to design a logo?

The prices of logos bought in Finland range from hundreds to a few hundred thousand euros. The bigger the project, the bigger the bill. A logo designed by a logo design professional for a normal company or organisation costs approx. 2 000 – 5 000 €.

Freelancers, gog workers, smaller agencies and designers sympathetic to your cause can make a logo for under a grand. Most of the time, you pay for what you get. If you are a small business and your budget is tight, you can let the designer know when you ask for a quote.

If you’re running a business with over a million in turnover but you don’t feel like investing in a brand, then you’re not on a tight budget.

With logo design, you pay for these things:

For larger projects, you pay for these:

There is no right or wrong way. There are mainly ways that are appropriate or inappropriate for your situation.

Logo design in Oulu, Finland

Here are some of the companies offering logo design in Oulu, Finland. As a rule of thumb, operators selling logo design are cheaper than those selling brand identity building, brand design or other similarly branded services.

Pay attention to these things:

Graphic design Muotkava

Logo design for small (and bigger, too) projects from Muotkava.

See the Muotkava site

Marketing Agency Avalon

Avalon is a agency with a long history (and pages in English).

See Avalon’s pages

Mint Company

Minty fresh visuals.

See the Mint Company site

Creative Agency Työmaa

Työmaa is behind many of the biggest brand campaigns in Oulu. With plenty of good references.

See the Työmaa site

Ad Agency Höyry

A straightforward ad agency for a straightforward logo project.

See the Höyry site


For bigger companies, Avidly has a lot to offer in Oulu and throughout Finland.

See the Avidly website

You have a logo. Now what?

Once your logo is fresh out of the oven, you know your brand colours in your sleep and your company mission statement is tattooed on the inside of your lower lip, it’s time to start living.

This site – – is a lifestyle site run by Aalho Media. Our goal is to help companies tell the world how they’re making life better. The purpose of this article, as an example, was to help you find a logo designer for your business or project.

After you have your brand identity all set up, reach out to us for a brand collaboration. Tell us, and the world, what you do and why. Our search engine optimized pages are easily found on Google, so you can get an immediate influx of visitors to your website.

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