At lot is happening at Twitter. Of course, there’s always something happening at (and on) Twitter. Especially now that Elon Musk has set is eye on it (and stubbed his toe, perhaps).

If you’re looking for an alternative channel for your 280 character thoughts, here are some ideas. Maybe one of these could be your new social media service.

Twitter’s replacement: Mastodon

One new service that is clearly attracting Twitter users is Mastodon, which defines itself as a decentralised social media.

Instead of a single central provider, Mastodon is a collection of different servers, each with its own rules and subject areas. The Finnish is one of the Finnish servers, or instances. You can find servers for your country quite easily, too.

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An alternative to Twitter according to what you want to do with it

What do you usually do on Twitter? There are many other places online and even in the real world where you can do the same things.

Free-for-all:if you treat low blood pressure by keyboard fighting on Twitter, you could try, for example, discussion forums or newspaper comment sections. There are also Facebook groups to start something at.

Branding: you can also create a personal brand on LinkedIn or Instagram.

Information: The Finnish national broadcast service YLE has a concise teletext service in English.

Your interests: Maybe you’ve already curated a Twitter feed according to your taste. The Discord chat app brings together a wide range of channels on different topics, so you might find the ones you’re interested in right there.

Pastime: You can also spend time reading books, learning a language or knitting, for example. All Good Great also has some great articles to spend some quality time on.

Comedy: Does your brain produce an endless flow of snappy oneliners? I think your family, friends or relatives will appreciate it if you send messages directly to their Whatsapp. 

What else can replace Twitter?

If it happens that Twitter goes bust, don’t worry. On the horizon, there is always the next wave of social media candidates.

You can also feel free to go without social media for a while and then choose to tag along if others find a platform worth using.