Nappi the toy poodle recently got a stylish Icelandic sweater for the cold days of autumn. It was the most recent iteration of our dog sweater knitting patterns. In addition to the Icelandic pattern, it comes with a comfy collar and a curved hem that doesn’t roll up but stays in place.

This knitting pattern is also available if you want to make your own. The downloadable pdf has all the information you need to get started on making this stylish Scandi-style sweater for your furry friend.

Buy this knitting pattern on Etsy or buy from the All Good Great shop.

Icelandic Sweater Inspiration for Dogs

Nappi has a full collection of sweaters both based on our own designs and patterns picked up from popular Icelandic knitting patterns.

Islantilaisneule villakoiralle

The colors in this sweater represent the Nordic winter sunsets with their deep purples and smoky blues. Wearing it Nappi is reminded of her ancestral days of running with the wolves.

The light brown Icelandic sweater pictured below is inspired by the windy days of the Scandinavian autumn.

What You Need for This Knitted Sweater for Dogs

The knitted sweater is fairly simple. It works best for smaller dogs. Nappi’s chest circumference is 36 centimeters and her back is c. 30 cm long.

The yarn used for the sweater is 100% Icelandic wool, called Léttlopi. For the sweater, you’ll need 4 x 50 gram balls.

As you can see in the picture, the sweater fits nicely around the neck and front paws. The shape of the back covers the back without rolling up.

Icelandic Knitting Patterns for Dogs

Icelandic knitting patterns have been really popular in the last few years. Despite their intricate details, they’re easy to knit and won’t go out of fashion for the next… few hundred years.

If you’d like to start working on one, get the knitting pattern on Etsy and start make it your own!