Generate a random number in the range you want by putting the numbers in the random number generator below. In the default mode, the generator generates a random integer between 0 and 100 (both extremes are included).

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How can I use this random number generator?

This random number generator is suitable for many everyday needs for example games, raffles and quizzes. You can hold a raffle for 10 people to decide who gets the prize. Just assign a number for all participants and press generate.

However, this generator is not suitable for demanding tasks that require truly random numbers, such as cryptographic encryption.

How does this random number generator work?

This generator draws a random integer between the numbers you enter. If you enter the values values ​​1 and 3, the possible results are 1, 2 and 3. The generator also shows the history of your draw in the number log. There you can check which numbers you have drawn in the past.

The generator does not save anything you type into it.

Random numbers or pseudorandom numbers

This random number lottery is based on Javascript’s Math.Random function. Different browsers have had different ways of generating Math.Random random numbers, but all are basically pseudo-random numbers. That is, before long, after a very long time, it will become clear with which formula the figures were produced.

In most everyday situations, however, the numbers given by this random number generator are random and evenly spread between minimum and maximum. That is, you can use the generator without worries when you don’t need, for example, real random numbers that affect state security.