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An additional monitor makes work easier, especially on a laptop. You can move the source document or a web page to another screen, for example. We were recently looking for a small display for a remote workstation at home: the goal was to find a monitor that looks good, fits in a small space and doesn’t cost a lot.

Surprisingly, we found a great display whose only downside was the lack of a decent stand. So if you’re looking for a little extra monitor, we may have what you’re looking for.

Smaller than a 24-Inch Display for Remote Work

Most monitors are 24 inches or bigger. Prices have fallen in recent years and you can get one for a few hundred euros. We are looking for an even smaller screen than 24 inches for a remote workstation.

The best answer to this problem turned out to be mobile screens, i.e. small additional monitors of about 15 inches. We ended up buying a Blackstorm MobileMonitor 15.6″ Full HD screen from See lowest price in Finland*.

What we like about this monitor:

What we didn’t like:

Hands-On with the Blackstorm MobileMonitor 15.6″ Full HD Screen

The Blackstorm monitor costs a couple hundred euros. And gets the job done beautifully for that money.

It is portable and receives both power and image signal via a single cable (USB-C). The image quality is more than good enough for office work. The investment of a couple of hundred euros in a remote workstation has definitely been worth it. In addition, the screen is thin and convenient to take with you when you telework away from your teleworking office, to a summer cottage for example.

For the display stand, the monitor comes with a magnetic cover – practically speaking, a black, folded rubber mat. If you have pets, children in the household or open windows, the monitor will be on the floor before long. I also had to take Mensa’s intelligence tests before I learned how to fold the protective cover into a stand.

We ended up buying a ten euro Mozi Portable tablet holder (compare prices in Finland* ). It works reasonably well horizontally, but is unfortunately unbalanced in an upright position.

I’m dreaming of attaching some Velcro to the back of the screen, but haven’t got around to it yet. Despite the wobbly stand, I give this monitor two thumbs up.