TikTokkers reportedly no longer says ‘sick’ or ‘legen-dary’ or ‘the cat’s pajamas’. They say sheesh, but what does this sheesh mean?

Slang words come and go – and may suddenly change meaning, but at least for now you can feel good about contributing to the conversation like this:

– Good evening, Terry!
– Good evening, good sire.
– By the way, I ordered a custom logo online.

– Sheeeesh!

What does sheesh mean in English?

Sheesh, or sheeeeeesh (pronounced /ʃiiiiiiiiiiʃ’) is an expression of positive surprise. It encourages the speaker and comments on what was said before.

You can use it, for example, when the speaker is:

The key is a relaxed and enthusiastic sheesh. So don’t hesitate to raise your pitch and lengthen your vowel. Life is too short for short sheeshes.

What is the etymology of sheesh?

Sheesh as a word has been around since the 1950s. Its meaning has changed in a more positive direction. The word was originally derived from the words geez and Jesus. Instead of naming Jesus, the voiced euphemism geez has been used, which has evolved into the voiceless sheesh.

– Today I learned how to use sheesh.

– Sheeeeesh!